Growing fruit at home

As many would agree, growing your fruit at home tastes so much better than food you buy at your local grocery store. A tip from professional gardeners is to use fruit cages as they keep food fresher and help to protect your crops. They do this by keeping birds and the larger insect away from the fruit as it grows, with out the need for chemicals, thus giving you a better yield.

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Reasons why Home Grown Fruit Tastes so Good!

There are many reasons why home grown fruit tastes better such as store bought fruit and vegetables having less nutritional value because they are stored for long periods of time. Also, chemical preservative are also applied, which is not good for your health. Another reason why home grown fruit tastes better is that fruit and vegetables in the grocery are bred to look good, while fruit and vegetables grown in your backyard are bred to be delicious and full of nutrition.

Home Grown Food is Clean Without Pesticides

Most importantly, home grown food is clean, without chemical pesticides, genetic modification, fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Organic food also minimizes the impact on the environment. In addition, growing your own food also offers less chance of food becoming contaminated. Also, growing or supporting local food that is grown by local farmers and others, supports your local economy. Buying local food from a farmer's market or growing food yourself, creates stronger connections with your community and you know where the food comes from and how it was grown.

Healthy Benefits

Whether you grow your own fruits and vegetables or buy from a local outlet the food that is chosen benefits the environment and wildlife. Well-managed farms or your backyard garden, provides many healthy services to the environment such as protecting water sources and conserving fertile soil. Growing your own food or supporting your local farm,er, it is an investment in the future. Because energy is dwindling throughout the world, home grown food gives protection to an uncertain energy future.

Residue from Pesticides

Other reasons why home grown food tastes better are pesticides that leave a residue on produce. Many buy organic food because they don't want their families to be exposed to pesticides. Organic food doesn't eliminate residue from pesticides entirely but there are fewer pesticide residues on the food, compared to conventional produce.

Food Additives Lower Taste

Food additives is another reason why organic food taste better. Organic regulations ban the use of food additives, preservatives and other fortifying agents. The only draw back with organic food is that it is more expensive than conventional food.

Keep in mind, no matter if you have your own garden or buy food from your grocer, there are certain tips that will help such as selecting a variety of foods from various sources, buying fruits and vegetables in season, reading food labels carefully and washing fresh fruits and vegetables carefully under running water.

To conclude, there are many reasons why homegrown food tastes better such as not having pesticides and food additives. It just makes sense to grown your own or support your local farmers. The food tastes so much better and provides many healthy benefits, especially additional vitamins and minerals. Find out how growing your own vegetables and fruits is healthier, tastier and a much safer way to consume food.